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Walking My Momma Home


I am honored to tell the story of my mom and me.

Light in Our Second Life does not always shine where we expect it, nor land without casting shadows that we are compelled to explore. That's the truth – for sure. I left work in the winter of 2015 and very quickly found myself thrust into a role I never planned nor wanted at first – Caregiver to my mom. What transpired over the next three years took me and my family on a journey through a labyrinth of confusion and fear, of hilarity and warmth, of personal growth and spiritual stretching like nothing I had expected or had ever experienced before. My mom was diagnosed with dementia, and nothing has been the same since.

Walking through dementia's labyrinth has changed me profoundly…. Perhaps I can better explain by sharing the Author's note from my new book,

Walking My Momma Home- Finding Love, Grace, and Acceptance through the Labyrinth of Dementia.

Here is an excerpt from the Introduction.

" This is my journey…with my soul laid bare.

While caring for my precious mom through the labyrinth of dementia, my heart has been torn open, all the junk swept out, leaving me with a life-changing affirmation.

Our lives are precious beyond anything we may ever know. Our spirits are deeper, wider and more connected than we recognize in the rush to figure out our day-to-day existence. For me, taking care of my mom slowed me down enough to see through the whirlwind of a never-ending To-Do list, showing me what really mattered.

It opened a veil that had obscured my path toward heaven, and what poured out, what washed over me and into my heart was grace. Grace stretched me. It challenged me. It stripped me of things that no longer mattered. It drew me inward and upward on my path from daughter, to a caregiver, to soul partner, then finally to a place of acceptance and release. Yes, it was about releasing Mom to my siblings (who also love her) and to her Creator; but for me, it was also a journey of releasing my own spirit, welcoming in more trust, more hope and the certainty that all of life (even the hardest parts) has meaning, allowing me to grow into my fullest, truest self.

Because of this journey, I am different now. My soul practically sings as I write this, for without the path I walked with Mom I may never have learned these things. Without it, I may never have been filled with the love, the hope and the joy I now carry in my heart. That is the gift that Mom gave me through the privilege of caring for her.

And it's my wish for you as you, too, embark on your caregiver's journey."

I offer a small piece of this journey with you here, hoping that through sharing our story, it may touch one of you who may also be dealing with similar challenges.

Know that if you are…You are Not Alone!

Walking My Momma Home is now available on Amazon in Paperback, Kindle eBooks, and Kindle Unlimited and will be out in audio book in Audible yet this fall.

Wishing you light for your own journey – wherever it may take you!

What are the unexpected challenges in your Second Life that are taking you places you never thought you would have to go? What have you learned through the journey?

Check it out on Amazon.


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