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Walking Our Momma Home in the Time of Covid-19

I knew we would lose her soon. Our mom, Marcie, has lived with Lewy Body Dementia since soon after her 89th birthday in 2014. At nearly age 95, she has survived two aortic dissections and a broken pelvis, all without surgery. Yes, she is tough. I call her fierce, and that fierceness in her love for her family, in her determination toward independence, and her spirit that will not quit is something that I can only hope for in my own life.

Yet here we are. Mom is isolated in her room in her memory care facility in Noblesville, Indiana, where she moved after my husband and I evacuated her to my sister’s care during Hurricane Irma in 2017. There, just last week, we learned she contracted COVID-19. She has gone from a vibrant woman, though one with increasing dementia, celebrating Valentine’s Day with family at Panera, to a mere shell of herself in a few short weeks, uninterested in eating, drinking, or sitting up and conversing with anyone. She has few of the usual COVID symptoms, an occasional low fever, a slight cough. But this disease has hollowed her out. We called in Hospice. We expect it will be COVID that finally takes her home.

So, we wait. We plan for the expected, yet unthinkable phone call announcing her passing. We cannot sit with her, but we can pray for easing of fear, for smooth transition to the heaven we know is waiting for her. We honor her in our waiting, our mom, our dear, sweet momma. This is my prayer for her passing:

“Go to God, my dear one. Go softly and remember me...for I will carry you with me always… and what you taught me about love and loss, grace, dignity, and God.”

In honor of my mom, Walking My Momma Home: Finding Love, Grace, and Acceptance Through the Labyrinth of Dementia is free in eBook format on Amazon on Wednesdays through May 13, 2020.


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